Checking In

Team check-in will take place at Soccer South Soccer Club (5171 Park Ave, Des Moines, IA 50321) at least 30 minutes before your first game.
Please note: Only one representative from your team needs to be present to check in your team.
You do not need to have any players with you at team check in. 

  Checklist: What you need to bring to check in your team

 >> A completed Roster and Waiver Form (Filled out by every player; Use as many forms as you like)

>> Proof of age for every player 


Examples of documents we'll accept for your proof of age

 Pretty much anything that shows you're playing in the appropriate division...Examples include: 

Birth Certificate
School ID
Player Pass
Driver's License
Report Card
    Please note: It is okay to play in a division that is older than your current age group, but
(unless you've received permission from the tournament) it is not okay
to play in a division that is younger than your current age group.